Friday, October 31, 2008

Lookin at life and all it’s possibilities..
And How possibly
I’m not meant to be
Everything that is expected by society
And I’m not following the plan that is set by WE…
Understandable, our will is not completely free,
Yet the Beloved gives us the opportunity
To learn and become something greater than what we see
And to live our lives in accordance to the words sent by HE…
So change your standards and come with me
In following the most High and HIS decree…©

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"La ilaha il allah...
muhammadun rasulallah"...

a phrase many of us say,
but few of us feel...

we're stuck in a spiritual coma,
our hearts have forgotten how to feel..

caught up in delusion,
can't distinguish between what's false and what's real,

yet we think we know what we're doing,
tryin to politick with Allah, bargaining with the most High,
thinking life is a deal...

passin thru the motions of life,
only submitting to our Nafs, our Ego's appeal...

He's waiting for us to turn to him
so our diseased hearts can heal...

Makin false promises to ourselves,
who says we have the next day?

Forget the next day, what about tonight?

Are you really ready to duke it out when
Shaitan's ready to fight?

Learn to love your Creator and your Prophet, peace be upon he,
you know Allah's mercy is stronger than His might,

Been living life in the left lane,
need to switch over to the right...

We must love, not like one another
let your soul reach new heights,

Start now, leave my company
and make your relationship with Him tight...

May you state your shahada with confirmation
and may we all live in the warmth of His beloved light...(c)
-Maryam N-

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

Sallahu alaihi wa salam...
sallahu alaihi wa salam...
sallahu alaihi wa salam...

Hearts sing with rythm, invoking blessings upon you and your family...
Voices harmonize to recite your name...
Tongues moisten at the chance to carry your titles...
Eyes long to set their gaze upon you...
Noses yearn to smell your beautiful scent...
Hearts cry to be filled with love for you...
Bodies ache to imitate your actions...
Minds run wild, vividly trying to imagine you...

O highly praised,
O seal of the prophets,
O bringer of glad tidings,
O perfect one,
O king of character,

May we live as a reflection of you...
May we be your mirror...

Salallahu alaihi wa salam,
Salallahu alaihi wa salam,
Salallahu alaihi wa salam....(c)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open Mic Event

There's a Muslim Open Mic Event I am starting for next month, November 8th in VA.
It is open for all artists/performers..anything along the lines of poetry, spoken word, instrumental performance or music in general, its open for all.
Contact me at if you are interested in attending
(performing or just listening).
All the details are developing and I will post the info soon.
Spread the word and if you can think of anyone to recommend for performance, hit me up.

Friday, October 10, 2008

so i'm going to a retreat insh'Allah for the weekend...i'm leaving tonight..driving out to the mountains, in a random, far-away location by no-man's land...Abrams Creek...gonna soak up all of the yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, drumming and healing i can get. 3-5 hours of silence a day..SWEET!!! I have been waiting for a retreat like this for a long time. But I guess as the laws of attraction work, when you want something very bad, it usually wants you the same way. This is the perfect way to contract from this dunya and to center get visual, mental and spiritual clarity...something i have been yearning for a long time...

Life is short..only our Creator knows if i'll ever make it there...if i'll ever make it back...or if i'll even make it home today to pack up and leave for my destination...what is our destination? We never know...we have plans but Allah has plans and HE is the master planner...Allah...

My heart is flapping its's ready to take flight....
my soul is lifting its anchor...its ready to flow down life's streams...
my mind is oiling its wheels, its preparing for a mental unwind and stimulation...

Goin for a ride....

I am constantly reminded of how short life is...I live my life everyday realizing that I might not make it to the next minute...I have experienced quite a few deaths and know the sweetness of life to a certain extent...

So if i don't make it to the next day...or if i don't get to post again...

I pray that my writings have touched atleast one individual enough to make a change or to do better....I just share my thoughts and I hope that someone benefits from any of my experiences or lessons I have learned. Allah gave me the need to write for a I hope I have fulfilled it to some extent.

Live life, love all of Allah's Creation, love our Creator and our Prophet and give a damn about humanity.....LOVE...PEACE...MAHABA...SALAM...

(the pics included are of Abrams Creek)

This place is a dream
only a sleeper considers it real
then death comes like dawn
and you wake up laughing
at what you thoughtwas your grief

A man goes to sleep in the town
where he has always lived
and he dreams
he's living in another town
in the dream he doesn't remember
the town he's sleeping in his bed in
he believes the reality
of the dream town
the world is that kind of sleep
Humankind is being led
along an evolving course,through this migration
of intelligences
and though we seem
to be sleeping
there is an inner wakefulness,
that directs the dream
and that will eventually
startle us back
to the truth of
who we are
"There is no knowledge except that taken from God, for He alone is the Knower... the prophets, in spite of their great number and the long periods of time which separate them, had no disagreement in knowledge of God, since they took it from God."
- Ibn Arabi

A feeling of discouragement when you slip up
is a sure sign that you put your faith in deeds.
Your desire to withdraw from everything
when Allah has involved you in the world of means
is a hidden appetite.
Your desire for involvement with the world of means
when Allah has withdrawn you from it
is a fall from high aspiration.
Aspiration which rushes on ahead
cannot break through the walls of destiny.
Give yourself a rest from managing!
When Someone Else is doing it for you,
don't you start doing it for yourself!
---Ibn Ata'ilah---

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"All that..."

I’m wondering how many more times in my life I’m going to be asked why I am “doing all that”, (with a motion by the index finger circling around my face and proceeding from my head to my toe)…I always ask what “all that” means, and then I’m given a brief explanation in reference to my Hijab and how I have to wear long-sleeves and clothes that hide my assets. “Here we go again” I think to myself and take a deep breath and brace myself for another explanation as to why I love bearing the flag of my Faith and for making an effort to be modest. It’s almost routine…as if I am a telemarketer for Islam and Hijab and I have my script in my mind, reading it off to the public. I’m not trying to sell any ideas to them, I’m explaining why I wear my intentions.

Want to know what makes it the most humorous? Well..humorous but sad…The majority of those that ask me that question…come from a muslim family/background…
It’s not sad to say that they are ignorant…its just that some don’t know and have never learned…but then again some of them choose the ignorant route because they refuse to think it makes sense…some just get rude and state their opinions…but hey man, it’s all good…you can state what you want, but I know what I know as well…It’s sad that we call ourselves Muslim but some of us don’t ever take a crack at learning why Islam asks us to do certain things…don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to agree or submit to it…but just learn…

I learned history in school…Yeah I didn’t fight in the wars, but I still learned a lot from it, didn’t I? We are to learn as much as we can learn…we only use 10% of our brains as it is…how sad is that? Expand your horizons a little and open your eyes…learn something every single day..or better yet, learn more than a few things…

The only ones that limit us are our own selves…

Why aim for the sky when we can shoot for the moon, eh?

So, before you go asking someone why they’re doing “all that”…learn to keep your index finger down, don’t assume, and learn what it is that the person is doing, by maybe researching it yourself and also asking them in a more polite way….and wipe that concerned look off your face…you never know..that person might be on cloud 9 for what they’re doing ;)


"Strive to be first: first to nod, first to smile, first to compliment, and first to forgive."
– Anonymous

"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read." – Mark Twain

"A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle."
– Anonymous

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random spill...and anotha one...

Long time...haven't dumped my thoughts out in awhile...
decided to try it out to see what comes of it...who knows...we shall see...

Taking a break from work...have the after-taste of my Caramel Latte still on my tongue..tastebuds savoring every last bit of taste it can get...It's chilly today...the latte soothed my throat as it went down, warming up my insides. I love fall....the leaves are changing color as I look out the window by my desk...beautiful hues of burnt orange, cinnamon, yellow, green and red..subhan'Allah...I thank my Creator for granting us the gift of color and the gift of sight...these small things are what we are to appreciate...

As I watch the leaves dancing in the wind, I can't help but want to switch places with it...It hangs on to the tree as it sways back and forth, being caressed by the breeze...As the leaves rustle against each other, they converse amongst one another, probably praising its Master..maybe sharing observations of what they have seen in the parking lot..or maybe they are talking about me..wondering why I'm staring at them for so long...with such longing in my take their place for a brief moment...

Think I'm crazy, huh? Well if the answer is yes, then that works for me. If you have never thought outside the box, never wondered what its like to be another..then you need to reflect...don't be so surfaced...get deep...

We miss too much with our eyes...all we notice usually are buildings, street lights, car dashboards, food, TVs, pictures, monitors, keys, etc. Let's look at the sky...let's gaze at the streams...examine the trees and smell the flowers... really just think for a second as to when is the last time you watched a cloud float by...YES, we are all super-busy...I definitely can relate..but make time.........
people can take smoke-breaks at work...use that time and take a Reflection-break.....word..(c)

Afghan kids...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

As my eyes grow wider
and my heart expands,
I'm given countless reminders
that my life is not in my hands.

As my love grows for the Beloved
and my need for Him increases,
I know that when I finally meet my Creator
it will be the day my longing ceases...

As I feel the fire within me grow more strong
and the reason for supplicating becomes more true,
I learn many more rights from wrongs
and my purpose is clearer as to what I must do...

The light at the end of my tunnel is growing,
the light in my heart is glowing
the remedy for it is knowing
and the answer as to where I am going...(c)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hamza Yusuf

Here are some quotes I came across online:

If you are not upset about the way the world is going, you are asleep or spiritually dead. People need to get on board and start showing solidarity.”

Islam is based on naql (texts) and ‘aql (the way u understand the texts). Some people just have the texts - we call them naql-heads.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there